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The first step to eradicating abuse is to recognise it. If you are in immediate danger, call 000 for Police and Ambulance.

Reporting Abuse

Whether the abuse is confirmed or just suspected, for the child’s sake, please report it. In most cases your suspicion, intuition or ‘gut feeling’ will be proven correct. Trust it.

If abuse is the disease, the scourge, the pandemic then eradication of abuse is the answer. We must have as our goal the elimination of abuse, we must plan to eradicate it, we must ACT NOW.

Different Forms of Abuse

All of the types of abuse listed below are criminal. The person doing the abusing is breaking the law. 

Signs of Abuse

There are various signs that point to abuse, these can be either physical and behavioural. Including bruises, aggressive behaviour…

Child Sexual Abuse

A child may lack in confidence to confide in asking someone for help. Look for the signs including injury to the genital area, fear of home, depression…


Grooming occurs when an adult engages in behaviour and actions with the intention of setting up a child for sexual abuse at a later time…

Family Violence

A common, and frequently unreported, form of abuse is family violence. A child raised in a family where violence is the ‘norm’ will often accept that…

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse occurs when a person/child is frequently rejected, isolated, threatened or
witnesses family violence…


Neglect is defined as the failure to provide a person/child with adequate levels of food, drink, clothing, shelter, medical care or supervision…

Identifying the Abuser

Abuse could be caused by anyone. Identifying the abuser is a must, in order to eradicate the abuse. A family member, sibling, school staff member, coach or another carer may be the cause of the abuse. 

There are numerous ways in which these people could be the abuser, these include overprotectiveness, touching the child inappropriately, causing embarrassment, undermining the child’s reputation etc.