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About Us

Our Mission is to Eradicate Abuse and Alleviate the Pain and Suffering it Inflicts on Humanity and Animals.


‘The cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal’. ‘Prolonged ill-treatment of or violence towards someone’.

– Collins Dictionary

Our organisation’s objective is to free the world of abuse. It is abuse in all its ugly forms that is the root cause of human (and animal) pain and suffering.

The Problem

If freedom from abuse is the goal then it follows that abuse is the problem. It’s not just a problem – its a massive global scourge of pandemic proportion. Even more specifically intergenerational abuse is the problem. We must put an end to intergenerational abuse. It is the abuse of children of the incoming generation, by the adults of the current generation, that perpetuates the ugly cycle. Many of those abused children grow up to be abusers themselves and so the cycle continues. Some children who are abused (sexually, physically, emotionally, psychologically) learn and accept that abuse is a ‘normal’ part of life. As such they grow up and subject others to what they were subjected to.

The Cost

The cost of abuse is enormous. The highest price is paid by the victim.
However there are other costs too as indicated below:

Pain and suffering.

First and foremost is the cost in pain and suffering that the victim experiences. For those who have been sexually and physically abused over the course of many years the pain and suffering can be extreme. Their quality of life can be extremely low and often suicide is seen as the only way to escape the pain.

Physical and psychological trauma.

 Hospitalisation is often the end result of injuries sustained in physical and sexual assault, suicide attempts, etc. Treatment for PTSD, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, etc are often the result of all types of abuse.

Investigating, convicting and incarcerating rapists, murderers and other abusers.

On a global scale this cost is staggering and runs into the trillions of dollars. As an example Ivan Milat, one of Australia’s worst serial killers, was costing the taxpayer around $250,000 per year to keep in prison. The cost of investigating and convicting him added up to multi millions of dollars.

Animal abuse.

The pain and suffering experienced by some breeds of animals is extreme. In addition to pain and suffering often the animal pays with its life as it is deemed beyond saving.

Environmental abuse.

Water pollution, air pollution, our oceans filled with millions of tons of plastic waste, global warming and deforestation are among a long list of the ways in which humans abuse their environment.

Economic burden.

The cost to business can’t be overlooked either. Whether it’s from staff requiring sick leave due to the effects of abuse or the theft of goods, information, clients/ customers etc, the cost to businesses can be enormous.

The Solution

The solution is incredibly simple in theory – but extremely difficult in practice: the eradication of abuse. If abuse is the disease, the scourge, the pandemic then eradication of abuse is the answer. We must have as our goal the elimination of abuse, we must plan to eradicate it, we must ACT NOW. Tomorrow is too late. By this time tomorrow another:

children will have
been abused.
women will have been raped.

*Global Statistics

How must we act? We must be forever vigilant for the signs of abuse. We must report abuse wherever we see it. 

Signs of Child Abuse, Neglect, Family Violence

The first step in eradicating abuse is to recognise it. Some of the signs of abuse are obvious to an observer. However in most cases the perpetrator, and often the victim, will lie in order to keep it a secret. Below you will find detailed information on what signs to look for and how and where to report abuse.