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People For The Eradication Of Abuse

An organisation, who’s primary goal is the eradication of abuse. We will do so by informing, educating, empowering and supporting people. Wherever and whenever abuse occurs we will report it. 

Our Goal In the World

Our goal is to eradicate abuse on a global scale. The solution, stopping people abusing others, is simple – yet extremely difficult. However we must have this as our goal/target, for without a goal we will, like an archer, never hit our target. Abuse in all its ugly forms is responsible for so much pain and suffering. The by products of abuse are murder, rape, torture, exploitation, suicide, depression and other mental health problems, abuse of animals and environmental abuse. The financial cost to society on a global basis is staggering and runs into the trillions of dollars each year.

At the Core

Intergenerational abuse is the ugly fountain from which all forms of abuse flow. It is defined as the abuse of children of the incoming generation by the adults of the current generation. Many of those abused children grow up to be abusers themselves and so the cycle continues. In order to prevent the ongoing abuse of children, and the disastrous consequences of it, we must put an end to intergenerational abuse.

The task of bringing an end to abuse lies with each and every one of us. We urge you to become a member of our movement. Lend your eyes and ears, your voice and your determination to this benevolent cause. Go down in history as someone who cared deeply enough for innocent children to actually do something about protecting them.

Act Now.
Not Tomorrow.

Eradication of abuse, is incredibly simple in theory – but extremely difficult in practice. If abuse is the disease, the scourge, the pandemic then eradication of abuse is the answer. We must have as our goal the elimination of abuse, we must plan to eradicate it, we must ACT NOW. Tomorrow is too late.


children will have
been abused.
women will have been raped.

What you can do to help

On the following pages you’ll find more detailed information about PERADA, about the different forms of abuse and the high price we pay for it as individuals and as a society. You’ll also find information about recognising the signs of abuse and how and where to report it. You’ll also learn more about how YOU can make a difference.

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